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Spring, summer, fall, winter. Each season brings new wardrobes, routines, and habits to allow you to thrive in the changing conditions. Arguably, the most crucial seasonal accommodation is that of your vehicle. Changing climate and road conditions require seasonal car maintenance for your vehicle to ensure it remains well-equipped for optimal functioning no matter the weather. Appropriately servicing your car can determine whether or not each season will be pleasant and safe when it comes to driving. Read on to learn how to ensure your vehicle is set up for success all year round with seasonal car maintenance at Aschenbach Automotive Group.

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Spring Car Maintenance

Spring Cleaning

With each new season comes a new round of seasonal car maintenance. Once the birds start chirping and the flowers begin to bloom, it's time for spring car maintenance. After a harsh season of working hard to keep you warm, your vehicle could use some TLC. Between amending any winter-induced impairments and transitioning to summer solutions, here are a few ways you can service your car to transition smoothly into the ensuing spring season:

  • Inspect windshield wiper blades

  • Check windshield wiper fluid and consider moving to a summer solution

  • Check filters

  • Check oil level and plan your next oil change

  • Rotate your tires

  • Check alignment and suspension

  • Check tires and set them to the appropriate pressure

  • Switch tires back to all-season (if applicable)

  • Replenish (or implement) emergency kit

Summer Car Maintenance

Summer Sun Ready

Welcome summertime adventures with a round of summer car maintenance so you can hop into a vehicle conditioned for the potent rays. This new season warrants seasonal car maintenance, serving as an automotive check-up after springtime adventures and preparing for the increasing temperatures so you can embark on summer vacations with peace of mind.

  • Check tires and tire pressure

  • Check the brakes

  • Secure and test the battery

  • Top off fluids (engine oil, coolant, brake, transmission, and power steering)

  • Replace windshield wiper blades and replenish windshield cleaner

  • Check belts and hoses

  • Check AC and cabin filter

  • Replenish emergency kit

Fall Car Maintenance

An Autumnal Automobile

After a carefree season of relaxation and recreation, it's time to prepare for all things fall. As you bring out warm layers, savor fall foliage, and fill your kitchen with baked goods, give your vehicle some love with fall car maintenance. The warm months are giving way to cold conditions that can be cozy when you're prepared but brutal when you aren't. Here's some seasonal car maintenance we advise for the upcoming winter season:

  • Oil change

  • Test the battery

  • Inspect the brakes

  • Check the tires

  • Check the fluids (coolant and windshield wiper fluids)

  • Replenish emergency kit

Winter Car Maintenance

Gear Up for a Winter Wonderland

'Tis the season for winter car maintenance! It's time to prepare your vehicle to be your oasis for the winter months. With the wintertime's seasonal car maintenance, remember to properly equip your ride for the anticipated conditions in addition to the typical automotive check-up itinerary. Take the following precautions to set yourself up for safe, comfortable, and warm travels:

  • Check and inflate the tires

  • Switch to all-terrain or winter tires (if applicable)

  • Inspect the brakes

  • Inspect windshield wiper blades

  • Check your oil

  • Replenish emergency kit

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