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If you're wondering if you should buy or lease your new vehicle, you're in good company! Buying vs. leasing is a significant decision with unique advantages, so it's a necessary question every buyer must ask when purchasing a new vehicle. Since this is such an influential decision, you should make the most informed choice possible that suits your preferences. Find your answer as you read on, and visit Aschenbach Automotive Group to explore your vehicle options!

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What's Your Commitment?

One of the first questions to ask yourself when choosing between buying or leasing a car is an evaluation of investment: how committed are you to the ownership of one specific car? If you're looking for long-term ownership and investment, buying a new vehicle is likely best for you. Conversely, you're best leasing if you want to try a new ride every few years. Further differentiate buying vs. leasing with this chart below:


Pick the Terms

Both buying and leasing a car come with responsibility. The critical difference is that the vehicle is yours on your terms with buying, while leasing is yours on the lender's terms. You can benefit long-term with the former, but it typically comes with a more significant cost. Ultimately, deciding to buy vs. lease a vehicle depends on the individual, so hopefully, this gave you a better understanding of how purchasing vs. leasing best serves you. We'd be happy to help you navigate this choice if you'd appreciate further guidance! Reach out to Aschenbach Automotive Group today and begin your journey to best financing your dream car.

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