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The option to buy your vehicle out of state offers a variety of possibilities. At Aschenbach Automotive Group, we know our deals, service, and inventory appeal to many throughout the U.S., and we want to make these offers available to those beyond our state borders. You shouldn’t be limited when buying your dream car, and you don’t have to be! Let us walk you through the process of buying a vehicle out of state so you can have nothing but smooth driving.

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The Guide to Buying Out-of-State

Q: Can I register and title a new vehicle in a state outside of my home state?

A: Yes, you can certainly register and title your purchased vehicle in the state in which you reside.

Q: How do I register my vehicle in my home state?

A: The vehicle registration process differs from state to state. Consider factors such as your home state’s emission standards and required inspections.

Q: How do I register for car insurance?

A: You need to prepare a few essentials for this step. Bring proof of VIN- and state-specific insurance, your state license, and a copy of your state registration, and make sure all forms have the same address as your vehicle’s registration.

Q: Can I finance using my credit union or bank?

A: Before delivering your vehicle, we require the receipt of certified or wired funds. Aschenbach Automotive Group’s finance professionals are happy to help you navigate buying your car out of state while using your credit union or bank.

Q: Are prices and rebates consistent in my state?

A: When buying a vehicle from an out-of-state dealer, prices will be based on the dealer’s region, which means they may differ from your region due to various geographic factors.

Q: How will I pay sales tax?

A: Though you’re buying a car out of state, sales tax is standard with your state. As part of the registration process, you’ll pay your sales tax or provide a receipt if your dealer charged you sales tax with your purchase.

Q: Am I able to handle my registration and title?

A: If your vehicle is pre-owned with available funds, you may handle your registration immediately. If your car is new or financed, your lender will need proof of registration and your lien record. Certain manufacturers, such as Ford, will also require proof of registration matching the received incentives.

Q: How long is the registration process?

A: Buying a vehicle out of state introduces variables that may deter the duration of this process, such as state inspection, emissions testing, or various fees. We strive to complete the process within 60 days.


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