What Is The GMC Pro Safety Plus Package?

Jul 01, 2024 - 4 minute read

GMC Pro Safety

Safety Reimagined

At Aschenbach Automotive Group, we know the safety of you and your family is priority number one when searching for the perfect vehicle. Like many automakers, GMC has an impressive suite of advanced safety features, ensuring peace of mind while driving. One of their standout innovations in recent years is the GMC Pro Safety and GMC Pro Safety Plus Packages. Available for certain models, these impressive features include, but are not limited to, an Automatic Emergency Braking System, a Following Distance Indicator, a Forward Collision Alert, and so much more. Read our blog to learn more about these remarkable technologies, and browse our wide selection of GMC vehicles at Aschenbach Automotive Group. 

GMC Pro Safety vs. GMC Pro Safety Plus Package

Before we get into the key features of the GMC Pro Safety and GMC Pro Safety Plus, you may wonder what the difference is between the two. The GMC Pro Safety Package includes the following:

  • Forward Collision Alert

  • Automatic Emergency Braking

  • Lane Keep Assist

  • Following Distance Indicator 

  • Front Pedestrian Braking

  • IntelliBeam® technology

The GMC Pro Safety Plus includes everything listed above, along with a few additional features, including:

  • Lane Change Alert

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

  • Rear Park Assist

Now, let’s dive deeper into what each of these GMC Pro Safety features has to offer.

Forward Collision Alert

GMC Pro Safety Forward Collision Alert uses a forward-looking camera to detect vehicles ahead and alerts the driver if they are following too closely to the vehicle in front of them. If your vehicle has the available Safety Seat Alert feature, you can choose a high-pitched beep or seat pulse warning depending on your preference. 

Automatic Emergency Braking

At speeds between five and 50 MPH, Automatic Emergency Braking can assist in avoiding or reducing the impact of a crash. As long as your vehicle is in forward gear, cameras can look ahead of your vehicle and detect a front-end collision. 

Lane Keep Assist

The Lane Keep Assist technology keeps drivers in their lane if they unintentionally drift out of it. It’s important to note that this does not actively steer your vehicle, but simply nudges it if needed. Lane Keep Assist will not be activated if the driver is intentionally leaving the lane, such as when using the turn signal. 

Following Distance Indicator

If you happen to be following a vehicle a bit too closely, the Following Distance Indicator uses the vehicle’s cameras to sense if you are too close to the vehicle ahead and will display the gap time in seconds between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.

Front Pedestrian Braking

The severity of a front-end accident with a pedestrian can be decreased or eliminated with the help of the Front Pedestrian Braking system. The system offers alerts and emergency braking. During the day, this feature operates at five to 50 MPH; however, vision is restricted at night. 

IntelliBeam® technology

The GMC IntelliBeam® technology can detect the lighting conditions of other passing vehicles and will adjust your vehicle’s headlights accordingly. You must be traveling at 25 MPH or faster to trigger IntelliBeam®. 

Lane Change Alert

For vehicles that have the GMC Pro Safety Plus package, the Lane Change Alert contains hidden radar sensors located in the corners of your vehicle that can detect another moving vehicle in your blind spots.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Another feature included in the GMC Pro Safety Plus package is Rear Cross Traffic Alert. When your vehicle is in reverse, you will be alerted about any left or right cross traffic behind you. 

Rear Park Assist

Rear Park Assist is also available with the GMC Pro Safety Plus package, and allows you to park safely by providing you with alerts about nearby objects detected near your vehicle. When reversing at a low speed, the sensors may detect objects up to eight feet behind your vehicle. 

Available Models

Currently, the GMC vehicles that are equipped with GMC Pro Safety, including the GMC Sierra Pro Safety Package and the GMC Terrain Pro Safety Package, are the GMC Terrain, Canyon, Acadia, Yukon, Yukon XL, Sierra 1500, and Sierra Heavy Duty. As time goes on, GMC plans to expand these features to other models in their lineup.

Discover What’s In Store

At Aschenbach Automotive Group, we are proud to offer vehicles with safety features such as the ones featured on select GMC models. We greatly look forward to the opportunity to assist you in finding the perfect GMC vehicle that fits the needs of you and your family. Schedule a test drive at one of our various Aschenbach Automotive Group locations to begin the process. 

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