What is Chevy Safety Assist? Behind Chevy’s Driver Assistance Tech

Jul 01, 2024 - 4 minute read

What Is Chevy Safety Assist?

Driving Safely with Chevrolet

Safety is more than just a feature — it’s a feeling of mental confidence every time you get behind the wheel, knowing that you and your loved ones are protected by some of the best safety technologies available. What is Chevy Safety Assist, and what does it include to help drivers navigate more safely? At Aschenbach Automotive Group, we’re proud to serve our customers with Chevrolet vehicles, a car brand renowned for its vehicles’ performance, style, and steadfast commitment to keeping you safe. Our expert dealership teams at our various locations can help you explore these features up close and in person so that you can get to know Chevrolet’s vehicles, especially the Chevy Safety Assist package. Visit today to discover Chevy’s incredible safety advancements!

Exploring Chevy Safety Assist

Chevrolet’s legacy of prioritizing safety is woven into the fabric of every car, SUV, and truck they manufacture. Whether you’re exploring the urban jungles of America’s largest metropolitan areas, tackling the daily grind while commuting in an SUV, or taking on heavy-duty contracting tasks in a powerfully strong pickup, Chevy Safety Assist is what protects every drive you take, keeping you safe at every turn. Let’s look closer at the incredible features that make Chevy Safety Assist an innovative cornerstone of Chevrolet’s commitment to safety.

Forward Collision Alert

Forward Collision Alert is Chevy’s standout feature for collision protection. This system uses advanced sensors to scan the road ahead of the vehicle and warn drivers if a potential front-end collision is imminent. Imagine you’re driving along, and a car suddenly stops short in front of you. Forward Collision Alert will notify you with an alert to help you react quickly and avoid an accident.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Paired with Forward Collision Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking is what Chevy Safety Assist does to essentially help provide an extra set of reflexes to kick in when most necessary. Suppose a collision seems imminent, and you haven’t yet applied the brakes. In that case, this system can automatically engage the brakes to help reduce the severity of a crash or, in some cases, avoid it altogether.

Front Pedestrian Braking

City driving can be unpredictable, especially with pedestrians crossing streets unexpectedly. Front Pedestrian Braking uses sensors to scan for pedestrians in your path. If a pedestrian is detected and a collision seems likely, the system can alert you and even apply the brakes if necessary. This feature is especially of high value in busy urban environments where foot traffic is high, and is what Chevy Safety Assist does best for protecting pedestrians and yourself.

Lane Keep Assist

Staying in your lane is crucial for safe driving, especially on longer drives or on heavily trafficked roads, and Chevrolet’s Lane Keep Assist helps drivers stay aligned. If the system detects that you are beginning to drift out of the lane unintentionally without use of any signals, it can provide gentle steering assistance to help you stay the course. 

Following Distance Indicator

Setting and maintaining a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of you is key to avoiding rear-end collisions, and the Following Distance Indicator is what Chevy Safety Assist does to help keep a safe gap between you and another vehicle. This feature displays the following time in seconds on your driver display, giving you real time feedback on whether you need to increase your distance, thereby following less closely.


Night driving can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing high beams on unlit back roads. IntelliBeam® takes the guesswork out of timing your high beams by automatically switching between high and low beams depending on the traffic conditions. If it detects oncoming traffic while monitoring the road, it will switch to low beams to avoid blinding other drivers, then switch back to high beams once the road is clear.

A Safety Net You Can Rely On

Chevrolet’s commitment to safety is evident in every vehicle they produce. From the smallest compact car to the largest SUV or truck, each model is engineered with a meticulous focus on safety. Chevy Safety Assist is what represents the pinnacle of Chevrolet’s dedication to safety, protecting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians through use of the latest technology. So whether you’re a parent shuttling your kids off to school, a commuter navigating rush hour traffic, or an adventurer exploring the open road, you can trust that Chevrolet has your back. At Aschenbach Automotive Group, we believe in going the extra mile for driver safety, and our automotive experts are here to help you find your next Chevrolet vehicle equipped with the Chevy Safety Assist suite of features so that you have everything you need to drive with confidence. Visit our dealerships to learn more about Chevy’s Safety Assist today!

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